Ep. 33 – What’s Up With the Pachamama Idols & Have You Thrown Your Pachamama in the Tiber Yet?

pachamama idol

Recently during the Amazonian Synod, 5 statues of the the Pachamama idol, the earth mother goddess, revered by the Amazonian people, were placed in a chapel of the Carmelite Church of Santa Maria in Transportina, Rome.

On October 21, these statues were taken by a couple of faithful Catholics and thrown into the Tiber River.

This action was received with great joy by many Catholics, and statements of condemnation from the Vatican and Pope Francis.

What are we to make of this event?

How about us? Do we have any Pachamamas in our lives?

In this Episode

  • What is a Pachamama?
  • Was it wrong for the men to take the Pachamama and throw them in the Tiber river?
  • The danger of mixing indigenous religions with Catholicism.
  • A case study of “mixing it up” in Haiti.
  • What are the Pachamamas in our lives?

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