Ep. 3 – Melancholics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

Someone with a melancholic temperament has a great attraction to the interior life, which is a great benefit.

They are reserved, are hard on themselves and others and tend to be distrusting and pessimistic.

A melancholic soul who abandons himself to the interior life and the Crucified Christ can make great strides in the interior life.

Today, we take a look at the melancholic saection of Rev. Conrad Hock’s the Four Temperaments, as we study the melancholic’s path to holiness.

In this Episode

  • A melancholic must cultivate a great love for God and a love of Suffering.
  • During attacks of melancholy, he should remind himself that things are not as bad as he imagines.
  • He must resist every spirit of aversion, diffidence, discouragement or despondency.
  • He must keep himself busy.
  • A choleric’s path to holiness involves humiliating himself voluntarily.
  • He must cultivate the good characteristics of his temperament and continually struggle against the weaknesses

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