Ep. 26 – The Truth About Husbandly Authority & Wifely Submission

When single or engaged couples think of the authority of the husband and the submission of the wife, what enters their heads?

I’m pretty sure there are lots of fantasies of deep-voiced men giving orders, and delicate wives acquiescing with lowered eyes.

Alas, anyone who’s been married for 5 minutes knows the truth about husbandly authority and wifely submission.

In this Episode

  • The reality of submission-authority vs the fantasy.
  • What could make your husband say to you, “I’m the boss”?
  • How husbands should exercise their God-given authority.
  • How men and women are portrayed in this culture.
  • What does “happy wife, happy life” mean?
  • Under what circumstances should a wife be submissive?
  • What do you do if you have a husband who is not kind?

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