Ep. 25 – Fake Fighting on the Internet – Does Not a Soldier of Christ Make

A lot of people don’t understand that what they call “fighting for the faith” on the internet, is actually fake fighting.

What do I mean by that?

Does anyone really believe that ranting or cutting and pasting, is fighting for the faith?

Whoever does is sorely mistaken.

In this Episode

  • Why ranting on the internet is not real fighting, but fake fighting.
  • What does it mean to be a soldier of Christ?
  • Why not everyone is meant to be Michael Voris or Michael Hichborn.
  • The various roles that need to be filled in a war.
  • Why the battle for your soul is the greatest battle you’ll ever fight.
  • What are some real “fights” you can undertake offline?
  • When you need to pull back from the fight for a bit.
  • How the idea of “fighting” can be a temptation.
  • Which is your greatest weapon in a fight?

Mentioned In This Episode

The Spiritual Combat and A Treatise on Peace of Soul (with Supplemental Reading: The Classics Made Simple: The Spiritual Combat) [Illustrated]

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