Ep. 9 – How to Use More Feminine Speech With Your Husband

What exactly is feminine speech and why should traditional women be concerned about it?

If you are a woman who believes that the man should be the head of the home, it’s important that you learn how to moderate your speech and use more feminine speech, so that you’re not bossing your husband around.

Women with assertive personalities, specifically those with choleric temperaments, have a hard time communicating without sounding like they are issuing commands.

Traditional women are not all phlegmatic or sanguine. A smaller percentage have choleric temperaments – and for those cholerics, it is a daily struggle to have a more feminine speech when addressing their husbands.

In this Episode

  • Why it’s important to moderate “declarative statements” when speaking to one’s husband.
  • How to use “affective” tags to soften statements.
  • “Uptalk” is not always a bad thing.

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