Ep. 36 – How To Dissolve Your Anger & Hate Through Prayer

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Sometimes anger and hate for someone is so intense that it makes us sick, but we keep being angry. Is there no way of dissolving the anger?

Luckily there is a way and both religion and psychology confirm it.

We can dissolve anger through prayer.

Now how would you like to get rid of your strong feelings of anger that both shame you and control you?

Listen to the podcast to see how praying can help.

In this Episode

  • Praying for someone decreases aggression.
  • How praying causes cognitive “re-appraisal.”
  • How praying increases charity.
  • Anger poisons us, not the person you’re angry at.

Mentioned in this episode

Pray for those who mistreat you”: Effects of prayer on anger and aggression.

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