Ep. 10 – How Important is Physical Attraction During Courtship & Marriage?

Whether or not we are attracted to the person we’re dating is a lot more important than we think. But how important is physical attraction when it comes to courtship and marriage?

If you believe that because you’re a Christian, your spouse doesn’t care about your appearance, you are wrong.

First of all, the love of beauty is innate. The reason we have physical attraction is that it drives us to get married and procreate.

A pious person knows not to prioritize physical beauty over everything else, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter.

In this Episode

  • Does physical attraction matter and should it matter?
  • Do both men and women prioritize physical attraction?
  • What about the changes in physical beauty as we age?
  • What can happen if you marry someone you are not attracted to?
  • What can I do to increase my attractiveness?

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