Ep. 6 – Coffee – Not Cliques: Why You Should Resist Joining Cliques at the Coffee Hour

The after-mass coffee hour is meant to foster a sense of community and provide an opportunity to meet the Catholics who you see at Mass every day.

Unfortunately, because humans are going to human, you invariably have the formation of cliques which leave some people out.

You end up with a lot of people who go to Mass and leave with a sense of loneliness.

In this Episode

  • Poor social relationships were associated with a 29 percent increase in risk of coronary heart disease and a 32 percent rise in the risk of stroke.
  • We will always have some sense of loneliness because our hearts will continue to seek God, whether we know it or not.
  • Why we need friends.
  • Why people do not reach out to strangers at coffee hours.
  • What is attractive about cliques.
  • Can you be part of a clique and not be “cliquish”?
  • What you can do to reach out to others

Mentioned in this Episode

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