Ep. 2 – Cholerics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

The choleric’s path to holiness is mostly dependent on humility.

The choleric temperament inspires both admiration & loathing.

Cholerics are the natural-born leaders, proud, filled with grand aspirations, blunt and unempathetic.

However, a choleric who abandons himself to the will of God and sees himself as only a tool to be used for God’s Glory can achieve great things for the kingdom of God.

Today, we take a look at the choleric section of Rev. Conrad Hock’s the Four Temperaments, as we study the choleric path to holiness.

In this Episode

  • A choleric needs high ideals and great thoughts.
  • He must learn to beg God for his assistance.
  • A choleric must never seek himself but must consider himself as instruments of God and servants of their fellow man.
  • He must combat pride and anger daily.
  • A choleric’s path to holiness involves humiliating himself voluntarily.
  • He must be devoted to the humble and meek heart of Christ.

Mentioned in this Episode

Since most people have a primary and secondary blend, so check out the description of the blends. This will give you a more accurate description of your temperament’s expression.

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