Ep. 29 – Why Do Some Catholics Hate Catholic Entrepreneurs?

This podcast was partly inspired by the hate that I saw directed at Catholic author, podcaster and course creator, Taylor Marshall when he released his latest book, “Infiltration”.

I’ve been meaning to talk about this for a while because I’ve seen other Catholic Entrepreneurs or those with apostolates, similarly attacked.

Why do some Catholics hate Catholic Entrepreneurs?

In this Episode

  • The four reasons why I think some Catholics can’t stand to see or support Catholic entrepreneurs.
  • Do you need a degree in a topic to be an expert on it?
  • Is it a sin to be rich or to make money?
  • Is blocking people from making a living online considered “defrauding a worker of its wages”?
  • The Proverbs 31 woman and online businesses. 
  • The role of envy in people’s responses to Catholic entrepreneurs.

Mentioned In This Episode

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 29 – Why Do Some Catholics Hate Catholic Entrepreneurs?”

  1. Yes we all have pachamamas in our lives that’s for sure, starting with our addictions or some behaviors or character traits contrary to Christ. I’m trying to understand the whole issue/ topic on these idols that’s been a popular trend on my news feed, and it reminds me of the ” dark ages” in Africa where we had similar but then we had to be introduced to the faith/ light and in order to do that, the missionaries respected our religious practices then and slowly came round to condemning it. Something that yielded results contrary to using force attached with pride. I think st Paul did similar in Athens? being that the Greek had their beliefs too which he used to bring out his motive.He got a few beleiving him too. I do agree though that indigenous religions and Catholic faith should not be mixed although if we want to show truth to these natives, we start by understanding their faith or practice and bring it round to them understanding ours who knows if we could have similarities like those pregnant idols whom they could use as a depiction of pregnant mother Mary. Throwing them out into the Tibet river was just un called for unless the Pope was trying to defile our faith with them. Was that the case? We want these natives to see the beauty behind our faith and not feel like we are imposing it on them whole disrespecting their beliefs. Just my view.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      I feel strongly that we should not have pagan deities in our chapels.

      That’s the first thing.

      Now how to evangelize to different cultures is a different question.

      If we use the St Paul example, then the conversation should go something like, “Let me tell you about the God of the universe.”

      In the podcast I give an example of how to speak of Mary.

      We just can’t have them side by side.


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