45 Stories by LifeSmything

Ep. 4 – The Code of a Gentleman

We live in a confusing time – a time when men are afraid to be men, where men are afraid to be gentlemen. Men...
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Ep. 3 – Melancholics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

Someone with a melancholic temperament has a great attraction to the interior life, which is a great benefit. They are reserved, are hard on...
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Ep. 2 – Cholerics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

The choleric temperament inspires both admiration & loathing. Cholerics are the natural-born leaders, proud, filled with grand aspirations, blunt and unempathetic. However, a choleric...
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Ep. 1 – Henpecking Your Husband May Cause Him to Lose His Attraction to You

It is well known that women are prone to henpecking/nagging. Yes, it is a stereotype, and not all women nag, but if we are...
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How Far is Too Far When It Comes to Showing Affection

  You’re spending some time at the park with your boyfriend or girlfriend,  and judging by the googly eyes you’re giving each other,  you...
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