Ep. 10 – How Important is Physical Attraction During Courtship & Marriage?

how important is physical attraction

Whether or not we are attracted to the person we’re dating is a lot more important than we think. But how important is physical attraction when it comes to courtship and marriage? If you believe that because you’re a Christian, your spouse doesn’t care about your appearance, you are wrong. First of all, the love … Read more

Ep. 8 – How to Signal Interest to a Guy Without Losing Your Dignity

signal interest to guy

Intuitively, women know they shouldn’t pursue men. In the vast majority of these kind of cases, things never work out. However, women are quick to point out the exceptions without acknowledging just that – they’re exceptions. A woman should not pursue a man or ask him out, but there are ways she can signal her … Read more

Ep. 7 – Phlegmatics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

phlegmatic path to holiness

Phlegmatics are the quintessential “nice” people. The phlegmatic is prone to sloth and does not like to work, but once he takes on a task, he perseveres. He doesn’t demand much from life and doesn’t have a lot of internal motivation. A phlegmatic soul must cultivate an aspiration to do better, especially when it comes … Read more

Ep. 6 – Coffee – Not Cliques: Why You Should Resist Joining Cliques at the Coffee Hour

coffee - not cliques

The after-mass coffee hour is meant to foster a sense of community and provide an opportunity to meet the Catholics who you see at Mass every day. Unfortunately, because humans are going to human, you invariably have the formation of cliques which leave some people out. You end up with a lot of people who … Read more

Ep. 5 – Sanguines: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

sanguine path to holiness

Sanguines are the life of the party. They are extroverted, with a lot of friends, are optimistic, scatter-brained, and do not hold grudges. A sanguine soul must cultivate a love of meditation, so that they can focus on spiritual instead of temporal things. Today, we take a look at the sanguine section of Rev. Conrad … Read more

Ep. 4 – The Code of a Gentleman

the code of a gentleman

We live in a confusing time – a time when men are afraid to be men, where men are afraid to be gentlemen. Men are confused because we live in a quasi-matriarchy which celebrates womanhood and denigrates manhood. What men need is a code of chivalry. Circa 1839-1997, The Virginia Military Institute, the oldest state-supported … Read more

Ep. 3 – Melancholics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

melancholic path to holiness

Someone with a melancholic temperament has a great attraction to the interior life, which is a great benefit. They are reserved, are hard on themselves and others and tend to be distrusting and pessimistic. A melancholic soul who abandons himself to the interior life and the Crucified Christ can make great strides in the interior … Read more

Ep. 2 – Cholerics: Know Your Temperament; Know Your Path to Holiness

choleric path to holiness

The choleric’s path to holiness is mostly dependent on humility. The choleric temperament inspires both admiration & loathing. Cholerics are the natural-born leaders, proud, filled with grand aspirations, blunt and unempathetic. However, a choleric who abandons himself to the will of God and sees himself as only a tool to be used for God’s Glory … Read more

Ep. 1 – Henpecking Your Husband May Cause Him to Lose His Attraction to You


It is well known that women are prone to henpecking/nagging. Yes, it is a stereotype, and not all women nag, but if we are honest, we will realize that we nag. Maybe we grew up watching our mothers nag our fathers. Maybe it’s what we see on television. Yes, Your Husband Might Lose His Attraction … Read more